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Baymont Inn & Suites is a hotel franchise owned by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and based in the United States. As of December 31, 2018, it has 513 properties with 40,541 rooms.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is HORRIBLE. There is zero teamwork, as the employees are doing impossible tasks alone."

Former Employee - Housekeeper says

"Long hrs no management skills very unprofessional"

Former Employee - Operations Manager says

"Worst place ever. Owners bow down to Executive Director that curses guest out literally screaming on the phone at them . Threatening to some staff. Owners expect u to stay on chat 24/7 and God forbid if you don’t cross all t’s the way they want it. Too many of their liking in it for any one to succeed"

Former Employee - Night Auditor/Front Desk Agent says

"Dead end, favoritism, way inappropriate behavior, unprofessional"

Former Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Poor communications from owners as to their expectations, my personal experience there was preferential treatment to males, was never paid overtime that I earned and actually while using the restroom one of the owners knocked on the bathroom door to help resolve an issue with an employee...and that was not my job....and I was using the restroom."

Current Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"nightmare manager, owner does nothing, Manager has ran off 5 employees since february. Manager talks about me to other employees accused me of lying and stealing tells other employees. is literally harassing me trying to make me quit by teaming up against me with other girls."

Current Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Hotel was filthy, bedbugs in the rooms, low morale, absent management, low pay"

Former Employee - Front Desk says

"Rude management to guests and employees. They won't pay overtime that is worked and 3 times since December paychecks were not in accounts on the payday."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managers weren’t on one page. Guest complaints constantly about room cleanliness & vagrants on the property. Managers had an uncaring attitude towards guest."

Former Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Owners are horrible people. Kim is a terrible person in general. No coverage for sick employees No breaks for Front Desk Illegal practices No direct deposit Withholds your check if they want you hone and try to trick you into signing a "resignation letter" if they have no grounds to fire you to avoid paying unemployment Terrible customer service. Heard the owner cussing out and calling guests stupid on multiple occasions. Housekeepers steal and Management covers it up"

Assistant General Manager (Former Employee) says

"So happy I no longer work there. Very unprofessional bad ownership. Bugs in room and mold. I gave my all to that job and they treated me like I didn’t matter. Received a better job to benefits and higher pay."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"this is one of the worst properties I've ever worked for. Not one manager or supervisor is supportive. the manager is a complete jack. you get paid nothing but they expect everything from you. also working there I've never had a houseman help the ever!nonemanagement, environment, pay"

Housekeeping breakfast attendant (Former Employee) says

"This job was the worst job ever manager is a jerk pay is garbage they treat you like a slave just don't even waist your time I worked at the one in Canton and I don't recommend you work thereNoneAll bad"

This is my first job (Former Employee) says

"Y’all don’t wanna work there they don’t pay you on time you only make 7 dollars an hour when you tell them the people at work talk junk about they don’t wanna here it when you call out for court or somthing you got to go get checked for carona Bc you been out so long the treat you like straight bs"

Front Desk Associate (Former Employee) says

"Do yourself a favor and only work here if it is a last resort. Property in Hattiesburg, MS was dirty, roach infested, and there was mildew EVERYWHERE. Manager cares only for himself, is hot tempered, and is outwardly racist.NoneLiterally everything."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"A upgrade would be awesome Nice employers Nice employees Lunchtime BreaksBetter payMore money per hour Outside poolBarMore rooms and vending machines"

Breakfast Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Baymont uses the same dirty sheets over again, manager does not help. Breakfast attendants are not allowed to talk to guests Building is a fire hazzard Building dirty 3 weeks of working there cops came on 4 different occasions because of fights, stealing, drugs and an overdose Dirty dirty hotel, poor service for guestsNoneDirty, poor inexperienced management, nobody helps if needed, lousy pay!!!"

Head Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"there was too much favoritism here for me. I didnt get the pay i deserved for the work i did. And there wasnt any kind of confidentiality between workers and the boss.a paycheckthe boss"

Receptionist and Cashier and Lounge worker (Former Employee) says

"terrible work environment involving a lot of unnecessary work politics. as a trainee, I did not get paid for my LONG 12-16 hour shifts, wouldn't recommendsome free food from the breakfast lounge (juice, muffin and maybe a banana)long hours, terrible pay"

Laundry Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Nothing was good about this company the employee was great , Managers wasn't good at all .. The staff was wonderful Don't care to share the worst part of the days there's"

Front Desk (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed the hospitality aspect and the guests were great. However, the owners as well as the management were great in the beginning. Until their true colors came out. They are racist and extremely rude to everybody. They treat their employees like slaves. No respect what so ever."

Head Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Customers nice employees nice management horrible, not fair to employee's only cares about what they get and very racist. Work hours crazy at times the manger would yell and belittle us if something went wrong horrible place to work!!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The Baymont Inn Kalamazoo is owned by the worst company in Human History and trust me I’ve worked for a quite few companies!!!! It’s all about cutting corners, bullying and disrespecting staff and management..... I just can go on and on but you may want to do some research before you apply for employment with this company!"

Assistant Head Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"These people are racist. The Head housekeeper runs the place and has the owners wrapped around her fingers. She only want Hispanics. Never recieve check stubs either so you cannot tell how they shorted you!"

Maintenance/house keeping (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional I never received my W-2 form from them. The schedule was unprofessional. Also wasn't getting paid for the work I done. Worked two positions and never received payment for the room I done.NoneNone"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"They micromanage you on everything..but aren’t professional at all. The pay is ridiculous for the work you do.The other employees of great,just the management who needs to get the proper training to run this establishment."

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the one in oxford and it was horrible! The first day there the boss left me with a housekeeper who kept running off. The second day there I was there 5 mins early and no one showed up! I had no idea what to do or anything! No way to contact anyone! Stayed there for 30 mins and freaking left! Around 10am the boss called me and said she was expecting me to be there! Fyi I was there on time she wasn't! I still haven't gotten my paycheck!NothingEverything"

Housekeeping Aide (Former Employee) says

"My work experience is hard and I am constantly working but they do not believe in emergencies when it comes to family and you can show proof they have a hard time keeping housekeepers and then your left to do all rooms by yourself and that’s the really hard part I have also worked so much and I don’t complain but they do need to hire properly to keep people and have some kind of benefits"

Maintenance Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"working for any dot head company will ensure that you WILL be treated like a dog, worked until your exhausted and be financially stolen from OFTEN. Everything in the hotel, any of wyndham now, will be cheaply fixed ( ex.. id seen a hole covered with newspaper and painted over it. ) unsanitary, (ex.. expect the food to be out of date most times. ) Bug infested. ( the odds are against you that the bed WILL have bed bugs. BEWARE."

Bar Manager/Bartender (Former Employee) says

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